Die Schwalbe Switzerland 2016 – 102min.

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Die Schwalbe

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

When she leaves Switzerland for Iraqi Kurdistan, Mira has one thing in mind: to find her father. The man she thought was dead is actually living in a small village, as evidenced by letters she has found. Assisted by Ramo, a young man with mysterious intentions, she begins to gather clues and goes on a journey in search of her roots, within a country ruined by war and violence.

Discovering oneself in one’s homeland, finding love during war, with a hint of suspense and pretense in the background: this film by Mano Khalil places a predictable plot over a classic road movie, traversing a Kurdistani landscape that is in turn dark and light (and generally unknown). At the heart of the plot is a modern heroine, played by the charismatic Manon Pfrunder, taking the audience on a journey that is neither surprising nor bold, and interesting without any passion. There is enough sincerity and humanity to make a movie that is basically good, which has the merit (also expected) of highlighting a situation and a country that is generally not seen on film.



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S. Greuther

8 years ago

Ich konnte den Film an den Solothurner Filmtagen anschauen. Ein multikulturelles Gefühlsdrama sondergleichen!
Mano Khalil's humanistische Art Filme zu drehen, zeigt sich auch in seinem Spielfilm.
Beeindruckende Landschaftsbilder, viel subtiler Humor, eine Wunderbare Schauspielerische Leistung beider Hauptdarsteller und eine gute Story machen diesen Film zum Must-See.

Kurzweilige Unterhaltung auf einem qualitativ Hochstehendem Niveau.
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