1001 Noite, Vol. 3 France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland 2015 – 126min.

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1001 Noite, Vol. 3

Adventure Drama

This series of stories deals with: goldfinch keepers who train their beloved birds to sing for a contest, despite being located next to a noisy airport and loud train tracks; a Chinese woman whose name means “hot forest”; and citizens demonstrating in the streets against a government that terrorizes them. The stories are of course told by Scheherazade, who gets more screen time here than in the last two installments of the trilogy, and who’s afraid of running out of ways to entertain the King so she flees the kingdom in search of fun and enchantment. It is the story of a country in crisis, a reality in decline, of a dream trying to hold on tight.

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German Switzerland: 10. December 2015

Romandie: 21. October 2015

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