Tomorrowland USA 2014 – 130min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Disney reboots its Tomorrowland ride in this movie about a utopian world in another dimension, where scientists and the world’s best and brightest have come together to invent, innovate and imagine new things without any political, economic or moral restriction. But like all dreams, it turns into a nightmare. When an invention goes out of control, a brilliant, optimistic and nonconformist teen named Casey Newton is called in to save the world from a catastrophic end. Helped by an exiled inventor, she goes on adventure to the very edge of imagination…

At first glance, Tomorrowland seems to be yet another Disney super-production inspired by the theme park. But director Brad Bird (Mission : Impossible 4) and screenwriter Damon Lindelof (Prometheus and World War Z) leave Mickey far behind: surprising, funny, astonishing and often electrifying, this bit of magical science fiction movie is aimed at the whole family in the tradition of the genre. The utopia here is like Bioshock remixed by Disney, with refreshingly strong female characters played by the excellent Raffey Cassidy and Britt Robertson - even if they are condemned to be compared with Jennifer Lawrence. A few hitches include an odd start to the logic, and boring bad guy (Hugh Laurie) and an ending that is too well-behaved, neither taking advantage of the exciting dimension of the setting nor keeping all its promises.



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8 years ago

Avarage for adults, might be fun for teenagers

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