The Salvation Denmark, South Africa, UK 2014 – 91min.

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The Salvation

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Newly arrived in America in 1870, a Dane sees his family massacred.

1870. Come to build a new life in America, Jon is finally reunited with his Danish family after being separated by the war in Europe for seven years. But on the way to their new home they are attacked by two outlaws who beat up Jon, killing his wife and child. Jon kills their murderer, but doesn’t realize he was the brother of Delarue, a villainous gang leader who then goes after Jon...

After winning for Best Actor in Cannes for Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt, Mads Mikkelsen reunites with a Dogme95 filmmaker for a movie that is light years away from the path since taken by Lars Von Trier: a hyper-stylized western set in a bloody America. This eternal story of vengeance is striking in its majestic staging and superb photography in the service of a solid but almost mute script, illuminated by the electrifying stares of Mikkelsen and Eva Green.



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