The Monuments Men Germany, USA 2013 – 118min.

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The Monuments Men

Action Drama War

WWII is almost at an end and the first Allied troops are landing on the beaches of Normandy. At Hitler's orders, no important works of arts may be left behind to fall into enemy hands - they must be destroyed. To prevent this, American art expert Frank Stokes (George Clooney) calls in the Monuments Men, a special unit made up of museum directors, curators and historians, to save significant works of art for posterity. But their mission not only puts them in danger, it brings them into conflict with members of their own ranks.

Release date

German Switzerland: 20. February 2014

Romandie: 12. March 2014

Ticino: 13. February 2014

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Deleted member

10 years ago

I was disappointed with this movie, somehow I lost interest half way through. It was just OK, I was interested in the historic value, but somehow despite the talent many of the actors had, they were wasted.


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