The Giver USA 2014 – 97min.

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The Giver

Drama Sci-fi

2048. Perched on a mountain lost in the clouds, mankind has been reconstituted into a pacifist society, with no real emotions or memory of the past. Among the principles of this rigid society is a ceremony held at 16, when it is decided what profession each person will take on, based on their personality. Jonas and his friends are impatiently awaiting this rite of passage. But Jonas is not like the others: he has been chosen by the Elders to become the new Receiver of Memories, who must carry all the memories of mankind within him. But his teacher will reveal much more than that to him, he will open Jonas’ eyes to the real nature of existence…

Release date

German Switzerland: 25. September 2014

Romandie: 5. November 2014

Ticino: 11. September 2014



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