Song of the Sea Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg 2014 – 93min.

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Song of the Sea

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

On an isolated island, Ben lives with his mother and father in a lighthouse overlooking the ocean. One night his mother mysteriously disappears after giving birth to a girl named Saoirse. While his little sister never talks, Ben has a hard time of it as their father becomes ever more distant. Then their cantankerous grandmother decides to move them to her house in the city, and they work out that the fairy tales told to them by their mother are actually true. When magic creatures are captured by owls sent by a cruel sorcerer, they realize Saoirse isn’t just a normal little girl…

Tomm Moore does right in letting himself be inspired by the movies of Hayao Miyazaki. Song of the Sea reverberates with a special poetry populated by magical creatures, an amazing natural landscape done in old-school animation. Nominated for an Oscar for his first film, The Secret of Kells, the Irish director sends his characters and the audience on a visually charming adventure, thanks to many wonderful ideas. Although there is some lack of humor and the movie just misses being a really great work, Song of the Sea ably meets the standard of the genre and is perfect for children.



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8 years ago

Great story, beautiful animation, nice message. Not only for children.

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