Phoenix Germany, Poland 2014 – 98min.

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June 1945. Seriously disfigured at Auschwitz, Nelly Lenz, former singer and only survivor in her family, returns to the rubble of Berlin. With the help of her friend Lene, who works for the Jewish Agency for Palestine, she tries to regain her identity after reconstructive surgery to her face. But Nelly only wants one thing: to find her husband Johnny. Despite Lene’s warnings, she finds him in a cabaret called Phoenix. Persuaded his wife is dead, he doesn’t recognize her, but does think she bears a resemblance to his wife. And so Johnny suggests Nelly pretend to be her to inherit Nelly’s fortune. Nelly accepts this bizarre proposal…

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German Switzerland: 2. October 2014

Romandie: 18. March 2015

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