Non-Stop France, UK, USA 2014 – 106min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

In the middle of a transatlantic flight, an air marshal gets a text message informing him that a passenger will be killed every 20 minutes.

Halfway across the Atlantic at 40,000 feet, a plane turns into the scene of a sadistic game when a disillusioned air marshal gets a series of anonymous text messages from someone on board – who’s watching him and knows his weaknesses. If a $150,000 million ransom isn’t paid, someone will die every 20 minutes. The countdown begins and every face on board could be that of the killer.

Since the colossal success of Taken, Liam Neeson has become the new blockbuster cop in American movies. After turning down Taken 3, Neeson again teamed up with director Jaume Collet-Serra, despite their forgettable collaboration in Unknown. The result is similar: buckle up and leave your intelligence at the door for a high-octane, brisk thriller with a dumb ending and crummy dialogue that luckily has the fabulous Julianne Moore in a supporting role.



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