Noah USA 2014 – 138min.

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Action Adventure Drama

On an arid Earth, empty of all hope, mankind is doomed to survive after turning its back on God. In the middle of a desolate countryside, Noah, the last in a forgotten line, has a vision of an apocalypse that will destroy all life, to be followed by rebirth. With his wife, three sons and an adopted daughter, he begins to build an enormous arc. But as the flood approaches, Noah has to deal with others who threaten him and his family.

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German Switzerland: 3. April 2014

Romandie: 9. April 2014

Ticino: 10. April 2014



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7 years ago

It's bad


7 years ago

Far from the best of Aronofsky's movies, too long and in some parts a little boring. But still very interesting mixture of adventure and philosophy, with intriguing characters, great special effects and excellent music.


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