Kingsman: The Secret Service UK 2014 – 129min.

Short description

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Action Adventure Comedy Crime

Middle-East, 1997. After an explosive operation, one of the Kingsman, a team of gentlemen spies, is killed. As tradition demands, his mentor Harry Hart tells the dead man’s wife and son they can call him once – and only once – if they ever need help. 17 years later, the son has become a delinquent and uses the code to get out of prison. Hart, alias Galahad, suggests he take a series of strenuous tests to become one of a team of new British knights, who are soon mobilized to stop a ruthless billionaire from destroying the planet…

Release date

German Switzerland: 12. March 2015

Romandie: 18. February 2015

Ticino: 25. February 2015



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