John Wick Canada, China, USA 2014 – 101min.

Short description

John Wick

Action Thriller

The brutal death of his wife has left a huge hole in the life of John Wick, who is now lost in a big house with only a vintage 1969 Ford Mustang to console him. One morning, he receives a package sent by his wife before her death: a dog named Daisy, who is meant to reawaken his will to live. But as he begins his life as a widower, he crosses paths with Iosef Tarasof, a sadistic hood who steals Wick’s car and beats the dog before killing it savagely. What Tarasof doesn’t know is that John Wick is not just any man, he’s a cold hit man in retirement who built his reputation under Tarasof’s father, the very respected Viggo Tarasov. And so Wick comes out of retirement to eke revenge, no matter what the cost.

Release date

German Switzerland: 12. February 2015

Romandie: 29. October 2014

Ticino: 22. January 2015



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