Godzilla Japan, USA 2014 – 123min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

A soldier discovers that a government organization is analyzing an unknown life form that eats radiation.

After a mysterious earthquake, Ford Brody loses his mother, who was trapped in a Japanese nuclear reactor managed by his father, Joe. 15 years later, Joe is still searching for an explanation and Ford, now a soldier and father himself, agrees to help. The two break into the quarantine zone without knowing what they will find inside: a government organization is analyzing an unknown life form that eats radiation. But when it arises and causes an apocalypse, the fate of humanity rests on another mythical creature from another age: Godzilla.

Gareth Edwards’ choice to make the new version of Godzilla is both audacious and obvious. Audacious because this is only the filmmaker’s second movie, and it’s a potential blockbuster with a price tag of $160 million. But the choice is also obvious, because his wonderful debut, Monsters, had a crazy kind of empathy for its lead creatures. Edwards’ eye, far from ordinary blockbusters, provides Godzilla with a gripping character, thanks to his excellent directing and fabulous scenes such as the one on the bridge at night. The characters themselves are thin and offer a limited emotional experience, but the action is a spectacle that matches some of the best super-productions of the last few years.



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8 years ago

what a shoddy film - in terms of cheesy American rubbish this one takes first prise. Come on you have a walking dinosaur who stands on two legs and then does a WWF pose - may as well have a sign on the screen saying please like me on Face book because Godzilla avoids killing humans on only attacks the 2 bad monsters. As for the girl, we know she the hero's wife and therefore can't die but seriously do you have to show her face in all the "escape with your life shots"?.
If you are going to watch this, leave all sense of reality at home, leave logic on the tram and any sense of biology back in the dark agesShow more

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