Entre amis France 2015 – 90min.

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Entre amis

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Separated from his wife Charlotte, Richard invites his best friends and their wives on a cruise on board his magnificent sailboat to Corsica. He introduces them all to Daphné, his new wife, who is 20 years younger. The others are Gilles, Carole, Philippe and the merciless Astrid, who immediately decides to hate the new member of the group. To makes things worse, the boat is headed straight into a storm…

Director Olivier Baroux has never been known for subtlety, as witnessed by his very mainstream movies: Safari, L’Italien, Mais qui a re-tué Pamela Rose ? and On a marché sur Bangkok. And so hysteria reigns on this improbable adventure at sea populated by the requisite stereotypes (the ridiculous Zabou Breitman is the worst) who get into a big fight and then reconcile on cue at the end. Uninspired, simplistic, with a tiny bit of attempted seriousness in the middle, this movie is one big, dumb jumble. The only saving grace: Mélanie Doutey, who brings a welcome bit of energy to the project, which unfortunately only raises it to mid-level quality.



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