Child 44 Czech Republic, Romania, UK, USA 2015 – 137min.

Short description

Child 44

Drama Thriller

Moscow, 1952. Terror has a name: the MGB, the soviet secret military police. A promising agent with a future in the party, Leo Demidov is charged with sorting out the murder of the son of a colleague, a child who was found naked on a train track. With Stalin having decreed that crime does not exist in the perfect communist state, this is officially a tragic accident. But when his superiors decide to test his loyalty by asking him to denounce his wife Raïssa, who is accused of being a spy, Leo refuses to submit to the system. He falls into disgrace and is exiled to the edge of the country. Again confronted by mysterious deaths around trains, he decides to investigate…

Release date

German Switzerland: 4. June 2015

Romandie: 15. April 2015

Ticino: 30. April 2015



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