20 Regeln für Sylvie Switzerland 2014 – 94min.

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20 règles pour Sylvie

Movie Rating: Hela Khamarou

On her 20th birthday, Sylvie (Viola von Scarpatetti) leaves her family home to start her biology studies in Basel. Her father Adalbert (Carlos Leal), afraid of “his baby” leaving the nest, decides to impose a list of 20 rules – each one more absurd than the other. No lipstick, no smoking, no calls after midnight, no concerts, no drugs… Because he is a widower and loves her so much, Sylvie feels obliged to sign his moral contract. To make sure she’s keeping to his rules, Adalbert secretly goes to Basel – more or less disguised as a hippie – to keep an eye on her. Will Sylvie keep her promises?

This comedy by Giacun Caduff rests on the idea that parents are afraid of watching their children grow up. Although the idea is good, the movie is full of clichés. Sylvie is a good girl, a good student, with a bangs and a pony tail, who wears round-necked wool sweaters. Barely arrived in Basel, they are both confronted by a wild youth on the road to perdition, with each step leading closer to damnation. As good as the actors are, the lack of realism drags this comedy down. The plot is more than obvious and really needs a strong dose of finesse. 20 règles pour Sylvie is a not very convincing comedy. A shame.



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