Under the Skin Switzerland, UK, USA 2013 – 108min.

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Under the Skin

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

A seductive woman from somewhere else makes the men she meets disappear.

Arrived from somewhere else in the form of a ravishing woman with a charming smile and generous curves, she travels across Scotland in search of victims, luring single men into her lair – and making them disappear. And so she discovers a planet populated by a strange species, as well as a new body, which she learns to train along with her emotions…

More than a movie, Under the Skin is a cinematic experience, both disturbing and captivating, nebulous and memorable. Adapted from a book by Michel Faber with the feel of a B movie, Jonathan Glazer, director of the underestimated Birth with Nicole Kidman, has made an unclassifiable movie that is almost experimental. Even as his refusal to obey the laws of narration may deter some audiences, Under the Skin comes across as fantasy, rife with shocking images (the first insane minutes, and the last terrifying ones), animated by a spasmodic soundtrack and the astonishing Scarlett Johansson.



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6 years ago

I never cease to marvel at the expressionless face of Scarlett Johansson. Why is everyone calling films "movies"? It is the reason why the review here renders "cinematic experience" something so uncommon. A true film is always a cinematic experience. American tyranny over world language.

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