Recycling Lily Switzerland 2013 – 95min.

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Recycling Lily


In a Swiss German village where the hedges are neatly trimmed and garden gnomes abound, garbage (in official pink bags) is collected every morning between 6 and 7. Domestic waste inspector Hansjörg Stähli is obsessed by rules (because of his overbearing mother, whom he still lives with?), which are made to be followed and not joked about. The locals would all cultivate their gardens in peace, if it weren’t for a mysterious delinquent who regularly tosses garbage anywhere they please. The inspector discovers that this “garbage terrorist” is none other than Emma, the daughter of Lily, that waitress he’s in love with. What Hansjörg doesn’t know is that Lily is a hoarder and Emma is suffocating at home from all the things her mother collects...

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German Switzerland: 21. November 2013

Romandie: 7. May 2014



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