Parker USA 2013 – 118min.

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Crime Thriller

Parker (Jason Statham) and four accomplices heist a secret recipe from a state fair. But the operation, planned down to the second by the consummate professional thief, almost goes sour when one of the others tries to improvise. Parker, who has strict rules about what he will and won't do, will not tolerate even the tiniest mistake. Which is why he turns down the offer to do another heist with the same guys. Not responding well to his answer, the four accomplices decide to shoot him and keep his share of the loot. Left for dead, Parker survives, gets himself back in shape and follows the gang's trail. This leads him to Palm Beach, where an important jewel auction is about to take place. Helped by a hot real estate agent, Parker will do everything to find those who betrayed him and get his money back...

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German Switzerland: 7. February 2013

Romandie: 17. April 2013

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