Paris à tout prix France 2013 – 100min.

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Paris à tout prix


The only thing Moroccan about Maya is her origin. As a stylist in a Paris fashion house she has helped high heels clatter down the runway since she was 20. Just when she's inches from getting a permanent work contract, a routine police roadblock reveals that her residency permit has expired and she's sent back to Morocco on the first plane. But how will she get by with her short skirts and long legs in a country she no longer knows and whose customs she rejects? Being reunited with her father, who she hasn't seen or heard from since the death of her mother, doesn't help her situation. Luckily her brother (Tarek Boudali) and grandmother are overjoyed to see her and happy to help. But if Maya wants to get back to Paris, she first has to make a fabulous dress for a show in 15 days...

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Romandie: 17. July 2013



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