Now You See Me USA 2013 – 115min.

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Now You See Me

Action Thriller

«Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to rob a bank!» And so begins the live Las Vegas magic show of the four «Horsemen», who were recruited a year before by a mysterious individual. Thanks to a “link” between Paris and New York, two million euros are teleported directly over the heads of the spellbound spectators. Dylan (Mark Ruffalo), FBI agent, and Alma (Mélanie Laurent) Interpol agent, are sent to investigate. But all their efforts to catch the magicians in the act are in vain – as if a fifth accomplice knew in advance what was going to happen. Is it Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman), the professional illusion exposer ? Or Tressler (Michael Caine), the businessman who sponsors the shows? And what if Alma isn't who she says she is?

Release date

German Switzerland: 11. July 2013

Romandie: 31. July 2013

Ticino: 11. July 2013



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8 years ago

It's ok


8 years ago

The plot will keep you thinking till the last minute with a nice twist in the end; not even close to Prestige, but still a nice watch.


8 years ago

Lots of hype, but we've seen this type of film before. Hollywood re-packages Houdini with Bank Robbers, wait to see it on DVD


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