Miele France, Italy 2013 – 96min.

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Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A young woman helps terminal patients die.

Profoundly convinced of her actions and her reasons for doing so, Irène (Jasmine Trinca), whose friends and family think she’s a student, in reality helps terminal people die. When she is put in contact Mr. Grimaldi (Carlo Cechhi) to give him a poisonous barbiturate, she finds out that he only wants to kill himself because he’s tired of life, and that he’s perfectly healthy. This is a suicide she can’t support and does not want to be responsible for. Will their budding friendship change his mind?

Without raising the issue of whether euthanasia is good or bad, Italian actress Valeria Golino’s first feature focuses on its main character, who is torn between her convictions and her confrontation with the beliefs of others. Against a quasi-documentary backdrop, this is mainly a portrait of a young woman who strives to remain dynamic in the face of the death she is confronted with every day. A feat managed without too much emotionality: as much as the subject seems to be extremely depressing, in actual fact this movie is about having a love for life.



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