The Family France, USA 2013 – 111min.

Short description

The Family

Action Comedy Crime Thriller

Every three months, Fred Blake’s family is forced to move from their home, city or country. The reason is that Fred (a.k.a. Giovanni Manzoni) has snitched on his mob colleagues and is living with a series of new identities under the protection of WITSEC. Finally moved to a small village in Normandy, after just one day the family goes back to its usual ways: the daughter beats up the little French boys who try to pick her up, the son runs a one-boy shake-down scam on his fellow pupils, and the mother blows up the local supermarket after being insulted by the manager and two old ladies. And the uncultured snitch Fred/Giovanni discovers a typewriter and decides to write his memoirs. Which ends up putting his wife and the WITSEC agent in charge of his safety under a lot of pressure...

Release date

German Switzerland: 21. November 2013

Romandie: 23. October 2013

Ticino: 17. October 2013

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