Like Father, Like Son Japan 2013 – 120min.

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Like Father, Like Son

Movie Rating: Patricia Imhof

Two very different couples discover their respective sons were switched at birth and decide to switch them back.

Ryota and Midori are shocked beyond belief when they find out that their six-year-old son Keita is not theirs. In fact he was switched at birth with another baby. Pressured by the hospital administrators to avoid a scandal, the two couples exchange the boys and everything seems in order once the children are with their biological parents. But their happiness is short-lived as Ryota and Midori find they can’t deal with the change: their new son doesn’t resemble his father at all, has habits much different from theirs and doesn’t correspond to their expectations. What will they do?

In the wake of Nobody Knows (2004), Still Walking (2008) and I Wish (2011), Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda returns to his favorite subject: the disintegration of family values in our modern world. In semi-documentary style, he reflects on our current family models: communal or separated; living in poverty or opulence; in which feelings are generously shared or held back. Sensitive portraits that do not always avoid clichés.



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