Behind the Candelabra USA 2013 – 118min.

Short description

Behind the Candelabra

Drama Romance

After a childhood spent in various foster homes, Scott (Matt Damon) works as an animal trainer and vet on Hollywood sets. Through a friend, he quickly catches the eye of Liberace (Michael Douglas), the flamboyant pianist whose Las Vegas concerts regularly sell out to an aging female public. Scott moves in with Liberace, much to the disappointment of his adoptive parents, and discovers that the great celebrity is an egocentric queen who lives in a huge mansion surrounded by the ultimate in kitsch. He is also a fervent Catholic who is paranoid, jealous and considers himself to be equal to Arthur Rubinstein and Frédéric Chopin. Not used to the level of comfort and the attention he gets from Liberace, Scott doesn't know whether he will soon be replaced or whether Liberace really does love him – as he repeatedly claims – and will adopt him as promised...

Release date

German Switzerland: 10. October 2013

Romandie: 16. October 2013



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