Journey to Jah Germany, Italy, Switzerland 2013 – 92min.

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Journey to Jah

Documentary Music

«In Germany, if you ask someone the way to school, you get a clear answer. If you ask the same question in Jamaica, the answer is: 'There's always a way', which results in a discussion about life.» This is how Gentleman characterizes the cultures he oscillates between. Gentleman’s real name is Tilman Otto; his almost flawless Jamaican Creole gives little indication that he’s German. As a reggae musician, he has been traveling to Jamaica since the 90’s. Sicilian Alberto d' Ascola, alias Alborosie, has lived there for years; his dreadlocks reach down to the floor. The two aren’t escapists, they are drawn to the country’s music, its search for meaning and the effect it can have. They also deal with social injustice: Gentleman’s friend Natty lives in a ghetto, where shots often ring out and every day is a struggle to survive.

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German Switzerland: 20. March 2014



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