Grand Central Austria, France 2013 – 94min.

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Grand Central

Drama Romance

Gary (Tahar Rahim), 29, unemployed, finds a job for 1,200 euros a month at a nuclear power plant. He and his colleagues live together in a mobile home not far from the plant in a beautiful country setting. He is warned about the dangers of a radioactive «dose». «What's a dose?» he asks naïvely. The gorgeous Karole (Lea Seydoux), wife of his boss Toni, gives him an example: «You're afraid, your eyes cloud over, your head spins, your legs tremble... that's a dose», she says, kissing him on the lips in front of everyone. Gary is immediately on fire. Under the influence of carnal passion, will he let himself be devoured by radioactivity ?

Release date

German Switzerland: 8. May 2014

Romandie: 28. August 2013



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