Delivery Man USA 2013 – 103min.

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Delivery Man

Movie Rating: Patricia Imhof

American remake of the renowned Quebecois comedy Starbuck: a former sperm donor finds out he has 500 kids.

A 40-something Peter Pan (Vince Vaughn) stumbles his way through life, one day discovering he’s the father of several hundred children – thanks to sperm donated over the course of his adult life. Once told the news, he has no interest in getting to know any of them: procreating is one thing, being a father is something quite different. However, the hardened bachelor's paternal instincts slowly start to sneak up on him, so he sets off to meet his children, to lend a shoulder, encourage them, praise them and help them find the right path...

2nd remake (this time American, in the wake of the French Fonzy starring José Garcia) of the Quebecois comedy Starbuck, who’s setting has moved from Montreal to New York. Even though the director is the same (Ken Scott), the tone is different: Scott’s humor is more formatted, sillier and therefore has less bite than the original – most likely due to the production company, Dreamworks and Touchstone, the money behind the movie. Added to that is the lack of surprise or freshness. The result is less funny than the Canadian version, despite good performances by the actors.



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