Dead Man Down USA 2013 – 117min.

Short description

Dead Man Down

Action Crime Thriller

Viktor (Colin Farrell) manages to infiltrate a group of gangsters operating in New York. Although he saved the life of the gang's boss Alphonse (Terrance Howard) during a shoot-out, Victor is ready to kill the man when the time is right. Meanwhile, he spreads confusion among the thugs by making a rival gang of Albanians believe Alphonse is holding one of theirs hostage under torture, by sending incognito death threats. But Victor's plans go completely awry when his neighbor across the way (Naomi Rapace) blackmails him: holding information about his recent actions, she forces Viktor to kill the man who partially disfigured her face during a car accident...

Release date

German Switzerland: 4. April 2013

Romandie: 3. April 2013

Ticino: 14. March 2013



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