Blue Jasmine USA 2013 – 98min.

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Blue Jasmine

Movie Rating: Beatrice Thomas

A fallen from grace socialite moves in with her broke sister.

Jasmine had it all: She led the luxurious Upper East Side life of an impeccable socialite with her extremely wealthy financier husband. When he is suddenly arrested and incarcerated for fraud, she loses everything she owns, her home, her status - her mind. Having no place to go, she moves in with her adoptive sister, a free spirited working class girl who couldn’t be more different than her.

Woody Allen’s new social drama, his best film in years, is wonderfully funny though it manages to remain disturbing, and incredibly touching throughout. Tragedy treated with lightness though not lightly, pinpointing the sadness and the comedy in the absurdity of life. Allen creates a striking character brought to intense, extravagant, neurotic life by Cate Blanchett’s incredible performance. Together they get the audience to relate to a disconnected person whose situation 99% of us can’t begin, at first, to pity or understand. We may be disgusted at some peoples’ reasons behind it, but suffering itself is something we all know - a most intimate part of life Allen paints with compassion, sensitivity, honesty and remarkable understanding.



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7 years ago

One of the best movies of Allen with a great performance of Cate Blanchett. Touching, sad but true...

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