Amazonia Brazil, France 2013 – 83min.

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Movie Rating: Patricia Imhof

Held in captivity since his birth, an adorable little capuchin monkey finds himself in the jungle after a plane crash.

Thanks to a playful script, Thierry Ragobert lets the audience discover the diversity of the shimmering Amazonian jungle. But what will happen to the pluckily little capuchin monkey who finds himself in a world filled with danger after he survives a plane crash? Much to his distress, predators abound: jaguars, anacondas, boas, mygale spiders, crocodiles, eagles, and too many more. And will he be accepted by a new community of especially nervous capuchin monkeys?

Strong in images and never boring, this 3D film is even better than Thierry Ragobert’s previous Planète Blanche, despite a sometimes over-the-top soundtrack. Whether the planet is green, white or of the apes, Amazonia, reminds the audience how Mother Nature can be both fascinating and cruel, as it warms the hearts of viewers of all ages just in time for Christmas.



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