11.6 France 2013 – 102min.

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Toni Musulin (François Cluzet) pinches ever penny he makes as an armored car security guard. His quiet character and his refusal to adhere to every order handed down by his superiors impresses his colleagues, especially the touchingly sad Arnaud. Toni's girlfriend Marion, however, is tired of feeding him for free in her restaurant and letting him sleep at her place. Thanks to the money he's saved, he buys himself the car he's always wanted. Bullied and humiliated by his small-minded boss who likes to flaunt his power over him, Toni dreams of being respected. But the new car doesn't seem to be doing it (although he drives a Ferrari, he invites Marion out to a self-serve diner and asks her to pay for half the gas), so he starts planning the heist of the century to turn himself into a hero.

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Romandie: 24. April 2013



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