100% cachemire France 2013 – 100min.

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100% cachemire


As editor-in-chief, Aleksandra rules Elle magazine with an iron fist, observing and sizing up everyone from high above her perch. She and her husband Cyril are very comfortable financially, but they lack one thing: a child. A well-delivered envelope gets them one in less than three months: the Russian boy Alekseï. But a child can’t be chosen from a trendy boutique and Aleksandra isn’t at all satisfied with her “model”. The boy won’t smile and the nanny hired for her Russian skills is a catastrophe. Used to having her way, the young mother sends the child back. But as egotistical and hard as she seems, Aleksandra discovers she does have a maternal side that she should perhaps begin to cultivate...

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Romandie: 11. December 2013



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