Wadjda Germany 2012 – 98min.

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Movie Rating: Andrea Wildt

A young girl in Saudi Arabia: Wadjda rebels in her own way against the conservative rules of society.

10-year-old Wadjda wants nothing more than a bicycle. Unfortunately, in the conservative Islamic country of Saudi Arabia, women of all ages are forbidden from steering anything with wheels. It is considered offensive. But this doesn't stop Wadjda from trying anyway. When a Koran-quoting competition is held at her school for a lot of prize money, Wadjda believes she has found her strategy to buy a bike.

For the first time in a Saudi Arabian feature film, a girl's desire for her own bicycle serves as a parable about the desires that the women in the Kingdom have for more freedom. Movie about almost insurmountable dependency and of the hope that reigns on palm-lined asphalt streets of the Kingdom.



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