The Avengers USA 2012 – 136min.

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The Avengers

Action Adventure Sci-fi Superhero

Loki, an evil, megalomaniacal extra-terrestrial who is jealous of his adopted brother Thor, is out to destroy the human race to appease his bruised ego. So he steals a magic cube that gives him the unlimited power of a god. Nick Fury, the director of SHIELD, an international peace-keeping agency, recruits a team of superheroes to defend the planet: Steve Rogers, alias Captain America the Black Widow, Dr. Bruce Banner, alias the Hulk, Tony Stark, alias Iron Man, Hawkeye, the infallible archer and Thor, the Nordic god of thunder. Will they be able to get past their internal rivalries in order to find the cube and defeat the forces of evil?

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German Switzerland: 26. April 2012

Romandie: 25. April 2012

Ticino: 25. April 2012



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11 years ago

Great action, great directing and very funny script - well worth seeing at least twice so you can pick up all the lines you missed the first time because you were in fits of laughter.


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