Spring Breakers USA 2012 – 92min.

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Spring Breakers

Comedy Crime Drama

Four young women are left behind on a deserted campus; their fellow students have already left for St. Petersburg, Florida to forget reality in the haze of sex, drugs and alcohol that is spring break. It's an orgy that is not financially feasibly to everyone, so three of the adventurous teens decide to rob strangers to get enough money to live the MTV dream. But once they arrive, they are arrested and thrown in prison. Which wakes some of them up, while others find the game too enticing to stop. Out on bail paid by a creepy local criminal with a silver grill and cornrows, the lost girls are in danger of having their spring break last forever...

Release date

German Switzerland: 21. March 2013

Romandie: 6. March 2013

Ticino: 7. March 2013



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7 years ago

A misunderstood film, excellent in my opinion. It's about the loss of innocence and the meaning of the American Dream. Beautifully composed shots and cinematography, brilliant use of music and James Franco's best performance to date.


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