Skyfall UK, USA 2012 – 143min.

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Skyfall - James Bond

Valérie Lobsiger
Movie Rating: Valérie Lobsiger

007 hunts a cyber-terrorist who's after M, head of the British Secret Service.

In Istanbul, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is injured in pursuit of a thief who's stolen a list of NATO agents embedded in terrorist organisations. Even though he initially plans to play dead, he decides to go back to work when he finds out MI6 has been attacked. Analyzing the shrapnel taken from his wound, Bond tracks down the thief in Macao, where the man has a casino. He is Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem, blond for the occasion!), a former secret agent gone rogue who makes a bundle in assassinations and fixing presidential elections. But what does this dangerous man want from M?

Directed by the talented Sam Mendes (maker of the excellent American Beauty, Away We Go and Revolutionary Road), the 23rd movie adventure of 007, although somewhat long, brings humor back to the franchise – which was lacking in the last two. Bond defends himself against those who consider him a has-been, especially the new IT prodigy Q, who brags he can do whatever Bond can – and in front of the computer in his pyjamas, no less! Fans of chases won't be let down (the one over the rooftops of Istanbul is breathtaking) and the opening credits are gorgeous. Well done!



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11 years ago

Best Bond so far!: D


11 years ago



11 years ago

best 007 ever

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