Silent Hill: Revelation 3D France, USA 2012 – 94min.

Short description

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Action Horror Mystery Thriller

Sharon moves with her step-father to a new city. They have been running from the police since the death of a burglar who broke into their home. What Sharon doesn't know is that he was going to kidnap her and take her to Silent Hill, the phantom city built on an ancient Indian cemetery where it constantly rains ashes. Her father hides from her a good part of the truth of her young life: her mother is still caught in the shadows of the evil city. Sharon's name is now Heather and she's trying to lead a normal life, despite the horrible nightmares she suffers from and that continue to draw her to Silent Hill...

Release date

German Switzerland: 10. January 2013

Romandie: 28. November 2012

Ticino: 31. October 2012

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