Sâdhu India, Switzerland 2012 – 93min.

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Adventure Documentary Music

In Hindi, Sâdhu means he who is in search of truth. To this end, the bespectacled sâdhu Suraj Baba has spent eight years at 3200 meters in a cave at the source of the Ganges. He sings (in English) and accompanies himself on the guitar, stokes a wood fire, makes bread, prays and performs his ablutions. But his life is far from idyllic, because he is all alone, with insupportable moments of boredom, solitude, doubt and frustration: peace is hard to find. And so he decides to go on a pilgrimage to Kumbhamela. After at first rejoicing at being in the company of others, he soon realizes he can't have anyone imposing a code of conduct on him. In search of himself, he makes his way to the sacred lakes...

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German Switzerland: 28. March 2013

Romandie: 26. September 2012

Ticino: 7. February 2013

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ISAN-No. 0000-0003-3778-0000-R


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