Radiostars France 2012 – 100min.

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The DJs of a Parisian radio station's morning show (Manu Payet, Clovis Cornillac) have dropped out of 1st place in the ratings. As penance and to bring their outsized egos in check, their boss sends them on a tour of deepest France. If they don't want to lose their jobs, they'll have to win back their listeners before the end of the summer. Ben, who's come back empty-handed from an attempt to break into stand-up comedy in New York, is hired to write zingers for the team. For this group of city slickers, the trip around the boonies of France is a chance to question their ideals, which may save some of them as they learn step-by-step to laugh without cynicism to make people laugh without being mean.

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Romandie: 11. April 2012

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