Pitch Perfect USA 2012 – 112min.

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Pitch Perfect

Comedy Music

More interested in mixing music in hopes of becoming a DJ than in paying attention to her studies, Beca goes to university, where she knows no one and has problems fitting in. Her roommate ignores her, her father pressures her to get good grades and she is pestered by an a cappella group called the Barden Bellas – who are a laughing stock since tanking at their last competition. When she finally accepts joining this group of mean girls, she teaches them new arrangements that put energy into their dusty repertoire. With a strong showing thanks to Beca's influence, the girls are now equipped to make good their fiasco and to challenge the boy group the Treblemakers, who are talented singers – if somewhat full of themselves – and whose latest recruit is Beca's new friend, with romantic potential...

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German Switzerland: 20. December 2012

Romandie: 8. May 2013

Ticino: 6. June 2013

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