Moonrise Kingdom USA 2012 – 95min.

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Moonrise Kingdom

Comedy Drama

1965, New Penzance, an island off New England: a young girl named Suzi watches through binoculars from her home in a lighthouse. At the other end of the island, Sam, an orphan of 12 in a boy scout troop, is sick of being everyone's whipping boy. After he meets Suzi at a party, they write letters to one another and decide to escape. Taking a page from the Swiss Family Robinson, the two pitch a tent on a wild, isolated spot of the island. Suzi, who brings along a suitcase full of books and her little brother's portable record player, teaches Sam to read and they dance the twist. Will the remaining scouts sent to find them do so before a hurricane reaches the island? Will a social worker get her hands on Sam and send him to reform school?

Release date

German Switzerland: 24. May 2012

Romandie: 16. May 2012

Ticino: 6. December 2012

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