Messies, ein schönes Chaos Switzerland 2012 – 117min.

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Messies, ein schönes Chaos


Bernese director Ulrich Grossenbacher's documentary about four hoarders («messies» in German, from the English word mess), who can't throw anything away. In Elmira's apartment, boxes and newspapers are piled to the ceiling.The wife of Karl, a flea market trader, is suffocating at home. But he not only has their home stuffed with things, he's secretly renting barns to stash even more of his collection. And then there's Thomas, a scrap metal dealer, who collects broken engines to make strange machines out of them. Finally, Arthur has a yard full of rusting tractors and bulldozers and a mailbox stuffed with notices from the local government to clean them up.

Release date

German Switzerland: 1. March 2012

Romandie: 12. September 2012

Ticino: 2. March 2012


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ISAN-No. 0000-0002-E873-0000-C


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