I, Anna France, Germany, UK 2012 – 93min.

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I, Anna

Drama Thriller

A young man in his prime is found dead in his London apartment. The detective assigned to the case meet a beautiful woman nearby who fascinates him: Anna. The notoriously overworked, restless detective soon meets the mysterious woman again at a party for singles. So begins a relationship that is sure to delve into the lightness of love. Although he is smitten, his job makes him distrustful, and so he soon suspects that his lady love is involved in the same case he's been assigned to solve. But how? And why?

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German Switzerland: 22. November 2012



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8 years ago

Cerebral, thought-provoking, excellent film. Gripping plot, good acting, excellent direction. Well constructed. Will probably win lots of european film awards, but may be too much for an Oscar


8 years ago

Perfectly orchestrated thriller-cum-psychodrama set in London's high-rise residences. Noir elements used to great effect. Charlotte Rampling as disturbing and enigmatic as only she can be. PS: Did the reviewer see the film? The dead body is not a "young man in his prime" but a father of an adolescent son and presumably fiftyish.Show more


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