Hiver Nomade France, Germany, Switzerland 2012 – 90min.

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Hiver Nomade

Movie Rating: Andrea Wildt

Documentary road movie about a herd of sheep that wanders with its two shepherds throughout Switzerland in winter.

An ode to life under the stars and the beauty of winter in expressive panorama shots: Diametric opposites, Pascal and Carole travel with a herd of sheep, four dogs and their donkeys through the wintery landscape of Switzerland. In search of fresh grass, they travel over 600km during four months. Their mission: to fatten up the sheep in preparation for Christmas dinners.

Director and composer Manuel von Stürler pays homage to a millennia-old tradition in his documentary road movie in praise of a simple life in tune with nature. Cold winter landscapes intermingle with the warmth of humanity, awakening a longing for a nomadic life far from the hectic of the city.



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