Hitchcock USA 2012 – 98min.

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1959: At age 60 and despite commercial successes like Vertigo and North By Northwest, Alfred Hitchcock is not recognized for his talent by the industry or the media. Adding to his frustration are his thirst for food and alcohol, as well as the fear of being left by women in general and his wife in particular. When he finds an obscure book about a serial killer, Hitchcock decides to adapt it for his next film. Unfortunately his entourage thinks the material is not worthy of his talent, Paramount refuses to finance the project and the American censors threaten to block the movie's release if a naked woman appears in a shower scene. Hitchcock and his wife and collaborator Alma – whom he suspects of infidelity – decide to mortgage their home and finance the movie themselves – one that sets the cornerstone for horror flicks and becomes one of the masterpieces of cinema.

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German Switzerland: 14. March 2013

Romandie: 6. February 2013

Ticino: 4. April 2013

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