End of Watch USA 2012 – 109min.

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End of Watch

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

Two cops patrol the gang-infested streets of South Central.

Brian is white, Mike is Latino: both are young, ambitious police officers who patrol the streets of South Central Los Angeles, an area known for its black and Latino gangs. Everything they do – from responding to calls with their guns drawn to hanging with colleagues or just being on patrol, Brian films it all with a mini camera. Between each of their calls, the two partners discuss their ambitions, joke with each other, talk about their spouses or amuse themselves over the differences between whites and Latinos...

End of Watch alternates between scenes of violence committed by doped up blacks or over-armed Latinos and the discussions between the two cops in their car, which is when they are at their most moving. The rest is just your usual cops-vs-gangs, seen 1000 times, with heavily tattooed, overexcited gangbangers who use "fuck" for every third word and shoot anything that moves – and end up annoying the audience.



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