Das bessere Leben ist anderswo Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, Switzerland 2012 – 90min.

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Das bessere Leben ist anderswo


Filmed between 2002 and 2011, Enver, a Bosnian shepherd, Emilio, a Cuban psychiatrist and Andrea, a Swiss nurse, talk about their idea of happiness. Born into a poor family, Enver lost four fingers in a work-related accident and was then drafted into the war. He lives alone in the mountains with his sheep and subsists on 33 marks per month. His dream was to live surrounded by a family, but what awaits him is only death. At the other end of the world, Emilio, who despite his specialized education, earns $20 a month working in a rundown hospital, dreaming of leaving his country to discover the world. Meanwhile, Andrea, who appreciates living in Switzerland where she has everything but where she feels stifled, would love to live somewhere else. Over the years, each of their lives change...

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German Switzerland: 31. January 2013

Romandie: 27. March 2013

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Cinematographer: Rolando Colla

Distributor: Filmcoopi Zürich

Production: Peacock Film

ISAN-No. 0000-0003-1327-0000-Y


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