Cosmopolis Canada, France, Italy, Portugal 2012 – 109min.

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The streets of central New York are blocked by the president's cavalcade, rioters are protesting the world of high finance that he moves in, but Erick Parker (Robert Pattinson) won't let a little thing like that get in his way. No matter what happens, his limousine will take him to his barber at the other end of town, as ordered. But this young head of an empire, with the self-assurance of a submarine captain who thinks he's invincible, is going to have a very bad day. Within the hermetic silence of his town car, one appointment after the other gets into the car with him from one street corner to the next. And though his downfall soon becomes apparent to him, he is determined to go down with the ship...

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German Switzerland: 5. July 2012

Romandie: 25. May 2012

Ticino: 25. May 2012



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