Cornouaille France 2012 – 96min.

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Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A young independent woman inherits a house in Cornouailles where she hasn't been since the death of her father.

A young independent woman who has set up her own travel agency, Odile (Vanessa Paradis) lives her Parisian life between her married lover and the job she loves. When her aunt dies she inherits her house in Cornouailles. The last time Odile was there she was 12, when her father died suddenly from asthma. Since then, Odile has few memories of her childhood and the man who claims to be her best friend (Samuel Le Bihan). Visiting this place of dark memories for a few days with the idea of selling it, Odile begins to change her mind. Forgotten phantoms leave her bewildered and doubt nags at her: to live among the living, might it be necessary to learn to live with the dead?

Anne Le Ny's path is as twisted as those of the coast of Brittany as she guides her heroine back to her family. By making her meet spirits and close friends she had all but forgotten and to whom she must say goodbye to continue on her way, the director loses her audience between two worlds as she tires to make them better appreciate that of the living. This approach may disturb the skeptics, but others may find it touching. The obvious happens: our heroine must look to the past to move forward in her life. Like the screenplay of Cornouaille, these ghosts are completely transparent.



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